Mommy Care Kit began as a means to take care of other mothers as they handle busy schedules, work and everyone else before themselves. The recipes are centuries old and have been passed through generations in our family, helping mothers regain their energy, ease aches and pains and improve milk supply if the mother is breastfeeding. You will find that although these foods are aimed at new mothers, they are beneficial at any age; which person doesn't need more energy?! 

As a new mother, I understand that often  our to-do lists are as long as our arms and finding time to make and eat something nutritious sometimes just does not make it on the list. That's where Mommy Care Kit comes in. These foods are delicious, nutritious, and perhaps most importantly they are effective.

Mommy Care Kit makes a great gift for any mom or yourself! Simply select the products you would like to include in the kit and contact us at MommyCareKit01@gmail.com to place an order!



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