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The beginning

In my family new mothers have been lovingly cared for as they recover from childbirth and enter motherhood. This tradition has lasted for generations and the recipes have been unchanged. It was the same for my mother-in-law, her mother-in-law and it was true for me too after the birth of my child.

Sensing my hesitancy (and naivety) to this tradition my mother-in-law explained that a new mother's body has been through a lot during the course of pregnancy and childbirth (that's an understatement!), so taking the proper amount of time and care to recover is very critical.

So I agreed and for a month after childbirth my lovely family cared and supported me while I recovered. They not only provided emotional support but they provided me with foods that would help nourish and heal my body.

There were plenty of foods that I I ate during that month (which I hope to be able to share through Mommy Care Kit), but the most exciting foods I ate during that time yielded the most timely and effective results.

I ate the delicious Lotus Seed snacks during that first month not only due to their nutritional value (which is reason enough!) but also because they ease post-partum cramps as the uterus contacts back to its pre-pregnancy state.

Another effective food that I consumed was NuMilk. At the time, my baby would fuss A LOT during feedings; it turned out that my milk supply had taken a drastic plunge for some reason. The Doctor and lactation consultants had all recommended that I supplement my baby with formula to ensure he was getting enough food. I obliged, of course, because a fed baby is best. But in the back of my mind, I knew that any time my baby would take formula instead of milk from me my body would just naturally produce less breast milk, and I had always dreamed of breastfeeding. So, I drank NuMilk daily, sometimes twice a day, to increase my breast milk supply. (It's also delicious and comforting to drink and has other added benefits which made it a joy to have regularly!) And it worked. Eventually my milk supply had increased so much so that I was able to exclusively breastfeed my baby.

It is safe to say this time after childbirth was also very special for me and the baby: it was a time of reflection, growth and a special way to bond with my new baby. It was during a 3:00 a.m. feed that I was reflecting upon how lucky I was to have this support when it dawned on me that not all new mothers get this type of attention and care.

It was then that I dreamed of providing these effective foods for mothers who may not have the support that I had; who were perhaps busy taking care of other children or other family members; mothers who were returning to work; or mothers who just generally did not know about the effectiveness of the products.

A long standing family tradition of mothers -in-laws helping their daughters-in-law recover and enter motherhood is the concept that began Mommy Care Kit: simply, mothers helping mothers.



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